Restored Covenant 2.0

If you haven’t noticed by now, over the last week, the site has been down for maintenance.  Well, voila!  You now see the results!  I welcome you to the latest update of our Restored Covenant Website.  More streamlined with easier access to the latest events and news going on with our congregation.

With this new website, you can quickly get to wherever you want to be, whether viewing the latest sermon or torah portion sermonette, to viewing the latest articles.  Some of the new features include:

  • Galleries!  Now we can post photos of our events to share with one another and with others.
  • Donate Online!  Enjoy watching our sermons and want to be able to give?  Well now you can through Paypal, the most secure way to shop online.  Just click the Give button at the bottom of the homepage, and you can give as God asks.
  • Organization!  Want to watch a particular series, but wasn’t sure where to begin, or what the series was called?  How about wanting to listen to a particular speaker or topic?  Now you can, as each sermon can be organized by speaker, topic, series, and even book.

In the coming months, Lord willing, you will start to see the following features get added to the website.

  • Sermon Audio!  Soon you will be able to listen to your favorite sermons from your MP3 player, or burn them to CD to play in your car, as all our sermons will available in MP3 format.
  • Study Resources!  Want to learn some of the best tools of the trade when it comes to studying the bible?  Soon, you will see a page come up that will list some of the best resources when it comes to studying the Word of God!

I hope that you enjoy our new website.  If there are any features you would like to see, or just want to give us a shout-out, drop us a line!

Shalom, and may you be blessed by God through our ministry!


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